Ashley Judd Is Running For…Who Cares! Look At That Dress!

It’s widely rumored that Ashley Judd will be running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky in the midterm elections. And what do potential candidates do when considering running for office? Mingle with other politicians, meet with their future constituents, and share their thoughts on political issues, right?

Well, according to Washington Post’s The Reliable Source blog, people don’t really care about your political opinion if you’re as hot as Ashley Judd! While the author had the space and platform to talk about Judd’s potential run for office, they instead focused on the fact that Ashley wore a “short, skin-tight black bandage dress [and] an orchid behind her ear” while in D.C. for several inaugural balls. The only quote the author chose to feature in the post was from a male MBA student, saying “I’d vote for her, and I don’t care what party!”

Y’know—it’s funny. I was really just dying to hear about what Rahm Emmanuel and David Bradley (also mentioned in the article) were wearing…but of course all the focus was on Judd.

Seriously, though. The author had an excellent opportunity to highlight a potential contender for U.S. Senator from Kentucky. Instead of discussing Ashley Judd’s history of activism and her possible transition from acting to politics, they focused (yet again) on her physical appearance. Sexism: it’s a story we’re sick of telling, quite frankly.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 01/23/2013

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