Breaking News: Congresswoman Bachmann Wears Make-Up

Another GOP debate, another sexist article at The Huffington Post. While it was refreshing to see the guys’ sartorial choices get at least some scrutiny (“What’s up with all the red ties?”), the article focuses primarily on Bachmann and her cosmetic choices.

“But before she even got around to raising eyebrows for opining that suspected terrorists shouldn't be read their Miranda rights, we ended up being a little distracted by the representative's makeup, which seemed more, ahem, liberally applied than usual.

Bachmann…sported heavily made-up eyes for the debate -- is that blue eyeshadow? -- and frosty pink lips, along with her silver necklace and diamond earrings. Her outfit choice, a white skirt suit and a black top, was thankfully staid.”

All seven of her fellow (male!) candidates presumably spent just as much in the makeup chair last night, so why is Congresswoman Bachmann being singled out? Why does Bachmann get called out for her eye shadow, but Gingrich (who, based on your slideshow, clearly has more than a passing familiarity with foundation) and the rest of the boys get a complete pass? That’s just plain sexist, HuffPo.

This type of sexist media coverage discourages women from running for public office and sends the message that women running for office should be judged solely by their looks. Congresswoman Bachmann is a serious presidential candidate, just like all the men on that stage. It’s time you treated her as such.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 11/23/2011

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