But What Color are Scott Brown?s Eyes?

Its rather unfortunate that in the New York Magazine’s nearly 5,000 word profile of Elizabeth Warren writer Jason Zengerle felt the need to include this sentence:

Warren, who is 62 years old with big blue eyes, a blonde bob, and a wardrobe of cardigans and turtlenecks, looks every bit the professor.

Now considering the article contained NO LESS than three photographs of Ms. Warren (including the one on the left) it’s a bit strange to see what any physical description of Warren added to the piece. Except what in feminist’s circles is called “the male gaze.” The phrase means turning a woman into an object that only exists only in so far as how attractive she appears to men -- even a woman who is running for Senator.

Scott Brown, who famously posed naked for Cosmo, doesn’t have this problem. He’s judged by a lot more than how pretty he is.

But too many writers don't see any harm in just happening to mention what women candidates look like, as if photography hasn’t been invented.

Plus I’m still waiting for Huffington Post Style to report what any other Republican candidate besides Michele Bachmann wore during a debate.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 11/16/2011

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