Calling Ashley Judd “Attractive” Isn’t Working, Rand Paul

Will someone please tell Rand Paul that Ashley Judd could be an actual contender for U.S. Senate and not a piece of meat?

I mean, really. When asked about the possibility of Judd running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky, Paul responded by saying:

“Ashley Judd’s a famous actress. She’s an attractive woman, presents herself well and from what I understand is articulate,” Paul said. “But the thing is, she doesn’t really represent Kentucky.”

An attractive woman? Presents herself well? From what you “understand” she is articulate? I’m sorry, is Paul describing a dog show contestant or a possible U.S. Senate candidate?

It is one thing to criticize a possible opponent for their views on issues that are different than yours; that is what democracy is all about. But it’s not the issues that Paul is using to discredit Judd—he is trying to discredit her by pointing to her femininity. It’s not by accident that Paul uses “actress,” “attractive,” and “from what I understand, articulate” to describe Judd in the same sentence. 

Paul is using these sexist comments to make the Kentucky public think that Ashley Judd is a joke candidate—a hot girl who wants to pretend to play politics.

That’s simply not true, though. Judd holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky and a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration from Harvard. She’s also an extremely active humanitarian; she serves as an ambassador for Population Services International, has narrated three documentaries, serves on the Leadership Council of the International Center for Research on Women, and she has traveled to and volunteered in many developing countries. Oh and there’s all the work she’s done for the Democratic party; like campaigning for Senate candidates, endorsing President Obama’s campaign, and representing Tennessee as a delegate for last year’s Democratic National Convention.

As you can see, the fact that she is an attractive actress has absolutely nothing to do with her politics at all.

Find a better strategy, Rand Paul, because this one isn’t going to work on Kentuckians.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 02/12/2013

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