Chicago Tribune Cartoonist Draws 46-Year-Old Lisa Madigan As Little Girl

Lisa Madigan is many things. She’s a three-time elected attorney general for the state of Illinois. She’s a 46-year-old woman. She’s an elected official who’s been asked how she could be a mother and governor at the same time. What she is not is a little girl being lead around by her father.

The quickest way to demean a woman is to infantilize her, in this case something Chicago Tribune cartoonist Scott Stantis has been doing a lot. The above cartoon is supposed to be a commentary on the fact that Madigan’s father is Michael J. Madigan, who is the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. (The caption is something we added). Stantis doesn’t seem to be all that creative how he portrays their relationship, he’s depicted Madigan as a little girl at least two other times in cartoons. Maybe it’s time to get some better jokes? (And of course not only does he draw her as a little girl but one with a pink shirt and a name dotted with a heart, because SEXISM.)

Well here’s your chance because Stantis is running a “caption contest” for his latest cartoon (see above). You can email your suggestions (and complaints about it’s sexism) to (Act fast, because they’ll pick the winner on Thursday).

Why not submit some “suggestions.” We’ve posted one above, but how about some others?

“Sorry honey, not only can’t you become pope but you also can’t have any job that the media will judge you on your own merits.”

“Pope? Sure that’s a big job, but if you become a Chicago Tribune cartoonist and you’ll also get to put women in their place.” 


Published by Kate McCarthy on 03/13/2013

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