Fashionable Nydia Barbie—Oh, I mean Congresswoman Velazquez

You’re off to a bad start when “fashionable” is included in the title of an article on Congresswoman Velazquez’s 11th Congressional inauguration. However, it’s not just the word “fashionable” that makes the title cringe-worthy. In its entirety, the title reads “Fashionable Nydia inaugurated with love.” Ew. I mean take away the “inaugurated,” and this sounds like the name of the newest line of Barbies to hit Toys-R-Us.

After getting past the title and first two paragraphs filled with cutesy, girls-magazine-style words like “stylish,” “outfit,” “best-dressed,” “love,” and “gossip,” Congresswoman Velazquez was begrudgingly acknowledged for her hard work on Latino issues and immigration, gay rights, women’s rights, and her dedication to getting the Sandy Relief Bill passed in just her first weeks in the U.S. House of Representatives.

But, if you only read the first two paragraphs of this piece, you would never know that about Congresswoman Velazquez—or, as the author refers to her, “Nydia.”  Not once in the article is Congresswoman Velazquez referred to as such, nor is she referred to by her last name. It’s worth noting that Senator Chuck Shumer, who is mentioned in the same article, is always referred to as “Schumer” and “Senator Shumer.”

Name It. Change It. is incredibly disappointed in The Red Hook Star Review for failing to afford the same respect towards a sitting Congresswoman as they did a sitting Senator. Sexism is NEVER fashionable.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 01/31/2013

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