Name It. Change It. on FOX News America Live with Megyn Kelly

September 16, 2010
Posted by: Siobhan "Sam" Bennett, WCF Foundation President/CEO

With women candidates taking the spotlight this year, I know we will have to step up to the plate and defend our sisters—no matter their values or political party. Most recently, Christine O'Donnell, candidate for U.S. Senate from Delaware, has been thrust into the spotlight after defeating the well-known Rep. Mike Castle in Tuesday's Republican primary.

I discussed O'Donnell and sexism against women candidates today on America Live with Megyn Kelly. I pointed out that while WCF and myself don't agree with O'Donnell's views on reproductive health choices, that we will defend all women candidates against sexism in the media. Because when you attack woman, you attack all women.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 09/16/2010

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