Fox News: Once Again with the Hair Put-Downs

Previously on Fox News’ The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld referred to National Democratic Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a “woolly windbag” and also “Frizzilla.” When Name It. Change It. politely pointed out to Gutfeld on Twitter that he was free to disagree with Schultz’s politics but calling her names that amount to the school-yard taunt of “…and she’s ugly too” is below the belt. We shouldn’t have to explain why attacking women in power for their looks, as if their attractiveness is what they should be judged on, is wrong.

Gutfeld didn’t react well to being called out on his sexism.

Now another Fox News The Five host, Kimberly Guilfoyle, has jumped on the sexism bandwagon. On the The Five last night the panel was talking about the State of the Union speech and what’s been dubbed “Date Night” for Congress. After speculating about what a great “bad” pair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman Allen West would make, co-host Guilfoyle titters “Yeah, if you’re into that Frizzilla thing. I gave up perms a long time ago.”

It’s a shame that Guilfoyle, another woman in the public eye and under constant scrutiny for her appearance, wants to impose the same unfair and sexist standards on other women. As we said before, they’re free to mock Schultz’s politics all they want (this is Fox News after all) but insults that go to a woman’s appearance is sexism. We’d hope that Guilfoyle, as a woman herself, would understand that.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 01/24/2012

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