“Hillary Au Naturale”: A Barefaced Example of Media Sexism

A new Hillary Clinton meme has been making the media rounds lately, and it’s not Texts from Hillary. It’s a photograph of Clinton in Bangladesh and she’s committing the ultimate sin. That’s right, she’s not wearing much makeup. The photo surfaced on the Drudge Report Monday with the headline “Hillary Au Naturale.”

Washington Post’s She the People waxed poetic about Clinton’s “fresh-faced” look, explaining that Clinton “looked like a schoolgirl.”

It was the look that won her few fans back in Arkansas in her days as the state’s first lady. After all, Southern women love their makeup, and Hillary wore little.

Yes, as we all know, makeup plays the deciding role in the majority of voters’ decisions.

Fox News gave us the charming headline “Hillary Forgets Her Makeup?” noting that the Secretary of State “appears tired and withdrawn.”

The images - in which she is make-up free, casually dressed and wearing glasses - come as she revealed she has no desire to make another bid for the White House as she is looking for a rest.

The connection is obvious! Clinton has given up—on the White House AND on making herself presentable. Because nothing says, “I don’t want to be president” like a wrinkle.

As per usual, Huffington Post Style makes light of the comments and then further contributes to the buzz by providing an entire photo album of “no makeup” pics and “Hillary’s glasses moments.” KABC published an article entitled “Does Hillary Clinton Care About Her Appearance?”

Whether chiding Clinton for her alleged lack of makeup or applauding her for looking great (despite!), the media’s obsession with Secretary of State Clinton’s physical appearance is absurd and just plain sexist. Never mind what she was doing in Bangladesh…look at her skin! This kind of attention would never be paid to the state of a male politician’s wrinkles, and it certainly wouldn’t overshadow the actual purpose of their diplomatic travels. Our Secretary of State deserves nothing less.


Published by support on 05/09/2012

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