Hillary’s Hair STILL Doesn’t Matter

It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks for Hillary Clinton. While becoming the pinnacle of cool in the viral Texts from Hillary Tumblr, she’s had plenty of sexist media attention fretting over her hair style and praise for the fact she’s still a “good girl” at heart. Uuuh, thanks guys, I needed to be reminded that there are clearly more important things consider about Clinton other than the fact she’s the Secretary of State.

Thankfully, the Daily Mail has a written a helpful reminder that what Clinton is wearing is of greater importance than the fact the summit she was attending was bombed three times. Really needed my priorities straightened out on that one. Thank goodness!

We want to give some major kudos to WIMN’s Voices blogger Jennifer Pozner for not only naming the Mail’s sexism when she saw it, but also explaining why these types of seemingly fluff comments matter:

“Yes, this was a lighthearted lifestyle story centered on a fluffy moment when a buttoned-up politician shows a more casual side. There’s nothing journalistically wrong with that. But even in soft news stories like this, media obsession over female pols’ appearance and attire perpetuates a pernicious double standard that, over time, devalues women’s leadership in the collective consciousness of readers… When media treat women like ladies first and leaders a distant second (if ever), it deters women from seeking office in the first place, dissuades citizens from voting for women when they do run, and lessens their efficacy in office once they are elected.”


Published by Kate McCarthy on 04/17/2012

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