Howie Carr Continues His Sexist Crusade Against Warren

Name It. Change It. is no stranger to the Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr’s sexist, racist, ageist, and humorless antics when it comes to his columns about Elizabeth Warren. In fact, Name It. Change It. has documented on more than one occasion Carr’s persistent use of the nickname “Granny Warren” and various iterations of faux Native American names to attack Warren’s age and self-reported ancestry.

It comes as no surprise then that Carr has kept up his antics in nearly every subsequent column. His most recent columns are no exception. On his June 1 column, titled “Flippin’ Liz Warren’s Credibility flops”, Carr wrote:

Unless, of course, Granny is the hypocrite conniving with the banks to do the hammering and the hacking. At least they can take solace in the fact that the former Elizabeth “Red” Herring feels their pain.

Two days later in “Zero-Percenter Liz Warren grabs 96%” Carr wrote:

But wouldn’t a few more debates have helped Liewatha? Granny gets 95.7 percent of the vote.

And two days after that, Warren wrote in his column “Liz Warren, Democrats missed opportunity”:

Here’s the tough part for Granny. She can’t tell any more whoppers. She’s an academic, which means no one ever questions her in the classroom. So she’s developed this bad habit of making it up as she goes along. Ever hear of fact-checkers, Granny? Not all of them are going to be Globe reporters just waiting to slobber all over you again.

Carr is privileged to have been given a platform from which to publicly express his opinions. With this privilege comes a responsibility to treat the subjects of his columns with respect and dignity regardless of their gender, race, age, or class. What Carr has chosen to do and what he continues to do is degrade and ridicule Elizabeth Warren for her age and reported ancestry using sexist and racist words shirking his responsibilities. Because of this, it is the public’s responsibility to call attention to Carr’s sexist and racist word choices every time he uses them. Every single one of these columns uses the same problematic language. His pattern continues unabated.

As long as he continues to use sexist and racist terminology to describe Elizabeth Warren, Name It. Change It. will continue to draw attention to Carr’s blatant disregard and disrespect for women, and hope that others will join us in forcing Carr’s employers, The Boston Herald and WRKO, to recognize that sexism and racism from one of their own should not be tolerated.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 06/13/2012

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