Human Events on “Babes of the DNC Calendar”: SEVERE MISOGYNY

It's no coincidence that this incredibly misogynistic "ad" for the "Babes of the DNC" calendar from the conservative Human Events site is running just weeks away from the Midterm Elections. However, what this highly offensive parody misses, is that these types of insults to women also hurt Republican women, whom the author claims "are despised JUST because they are HOT. And let’s face it: liberal women tend to be a bunch of hideous chuds."

It gets worse. Diane Feinstein "smells like a wet dog" and Rachel Maddow "looks like a carny that should be running the ‘Dime Pitch’ or ‘Duck Pond’ game at the traveling fair."

You can read the transcript and listen here:

09-29 BABES OF THE DNC CALENDAR by HumanEvents

“The DNC’s brand new calendar: Liberal Women Acting Liberally. The feast of wrinkled flesh begins with Miss January, Susan Estrich.

[Susan Estrich speaking: This is the kind of stuff I detest.]

Her talents include abortions and her hobbies include smoking an entire carton of Marlboro’s every day. Or turn to June’s pin-up babe, and treat yourself to the beastly, unshaved, Danish carnival of love Janet Reno. 

 [Woman: Janet Reno came to town collecting all the money.]

Her talents include being a man and one hobby she fancies is killing 76 people during the Branch-Davidian raid in Waco, Texas. Or how about the mesmerizing spiced beef of September, Diane Feinstein.

[Diane Feinstein speaking: I had a Code Pink sleep-in at my home in San Francisco]

Her talents include wearing a helmet that looks like real hair and the hobby she excels most at is smelling like wet dog. Finally, there’s Miss December, Alan Colmes

[Interviewer: How many years ago was it you did gay porn?].

who has no talents, but his hobbies include showing up at Star Wars conventions, claiming he played Admiral Akbar in Return of the Jedi. It’s the Babes of the DNC gone wild! Get the new Democratic National Committee Calendar: Liberal Women Acting Liberally, just in time for Christmas. 

Though the 'disclaimer' reads "Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely intentional. If offended, seek treatment for Humorless Liberal Syndrome," Human Events' piece contributes to the extraordinarily hostile media landscape that female politicians must endure during the 2010 midterm elections. 

Name It. Change It. is demanding an apology and that the parody be pulled down immediately.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 10/01/2010

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