Ladies of Politics, Prepare to Be Judged!

Eric Golub, a self-proclaimed conservative columnist and blogger who is known to his readers as Tygrrrr Express, apparently enjoys making degrading lists of women in politics.  In fact, he seems a little bit obsessed with dehumanizing women in politics and berating feminists.

Last month, Golub published a list of the hottest women in politics in the Washington Times Community section.  At least one other media source has picked up on his work, and rather than recognizing and critiquing its blatant misogyny, the outlet promoted it.  In a recent post, Golub bragged about being interviewed on the “Bryan and Brian” radio show.  This interview both continued to showcase Golub’s sexist drivel and apparently inspired his next piece – the top 10 ugliest women in politics.

Trying to preemptively stave off critique from those “perpetually enraged feminists,” Golub assured his readers that “the ugliest women are not being graded on their looks…this competition is totally about character.” 

Golub can justify his list however he wants, but no one’s fooled by what he thinks is a free-pass to judge women in politics by their looks.

Golub’s last list was also supposedly about “inner as well as outer beauty.”  But the actual write-ups of these women were based almost entirely on their appearance.  There’s no reason to think that his ugly list will be any different.

And let’s talk about the word ugly.  If Golub was serious about making a list of the women in politics that he most disagrees with (he’s admitted this list will be of liberal women that he disagrees with), then what about the most disagreeable women in politics or the most malicious (since “malice is ugliness in its truest and purest form”) or even distasteful or any other number of words that would get across the same point without invoking women’s physical appearances?  Why ugly?

Because calling a woman ugly is one of the most common ways of trying to shut her up.  Need any evidence that this is a strategy that Golub has used before?  When asked if there was any criticism of his list, Golub responded “The only women complaining were the hideously ugly feminists who had no chance of making the list anyway.”  In one sentence, Golub dismisses all criticism of him because it comes from women that he deems ugly.  In other words, shut up, ladies – no one wants to hear from you because you’re ugly and worthless.

Golub certainly has a right to say whatever he wants, and the Washington Times Communities section clearly disclaims that “individual contributors are responsible for their content, which is not edited by The Washington Times.”  But when pieces like this are appearing on the front page of the Washington Times website, it gives Golub a much wider audience for his banalities and a practical endorsement from the Times.  Let the Washington Times know that you don’t want to see pieces like this being promoted on their home page – write to them here.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 07/19/2012

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