Sexist Ad Calls Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski “Princess’” & “Crybaby”

The Huffington Post reported on yet another sexist attack on a woman candidate yesterday, this time targeting Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican candidate from Alaska who is running as a write-in candidate despite her primary election loss to Joe Miller (who compared Murkowski to a prostitute on a Tweet before the primaries).  This time, the media is responsible for calling out the sexist ads put forth by conservative PAC "Let Freedom Ring" which mocks Murkowski by portraying her as a whiny child, crybaby, and princess.

These types of ads that rely on sexist portrayals of women to undermine their viability as leaders shows just how hostile the political landscape is for women candidates in this midterm elections. We urge outlets to continue drawing attention to such harmful ads that insult all women.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 09/28/2010

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