Media Attributes Fischer’s Win to Luck?

Nebraska State Senator Deb Fischer won the Republican nomination in the Senate primary last night, and today there have been a chorus of critical voices commenting on her victory.

The media’s commentary so far shares a collective theme of accidental triumph, as though Fischer happened upon the primary win by chance, rather than as a result of a successful election or a solid political background. 

Politico says that Fischer was “an afterthought in the primary battle just over a week ago.” CBS calls her “a dark horse candidate.” She is the “underdog” to ABC News and Fox News says she “came out of nowhere in the final weeks”

And despite the fact that Fischer herself is “eschewing any suggestion that the win caught her by surprise,” that is certainly how the media is framing her success. The National Journal says Fischer’s win is “a stunning come-from-behind victory that seemed inconceivable just a few weeks ago.” CBS refers to Cook Political Report writer Jennifer Duffy who “argues that Fischer stood out as a reasonable alternative to two candidates with obvious flaws.” Fox and TPM explain her success as a surprise advantage of the two frontrunners battling one another.

It may be subtle, but the narrative of Fischer’s win that is emerging from the media roots her success in luck, accrediting her victory to the absence of “obvious flaws.” Fischer won the Republican primary—not by luck or chance or randomness, but by garnering 41% of the vote to the other candidates’ 36% and 19% respectively. Her victory should be recognized as such. 


Published by support on 05/16/2012

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