Media Continues to Demonize Nancy Pelosi

Last week Name It. Change It. reported on the sexist treatment of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on The Tonight Show with David Letterman. Since then the attacks on Pelosi have not ceased: Radio host Mike Gallagher reinforced the Nancy Pelosi and Wicked Witch of the West comparison when he insisted that "you might want to throw a bucket of water on her and see what happens." As WCF's MsRepresentation Daily Brief said,

"Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Is there any nefarious act of humiliation or degradation against the first female Speaker that is out-of-bounds?" 

While her male colleagues may be described as powerful and commanding, Speaker Pelosi is continually "cast as the shrill, emasculating 'witch' character." When will the sexist demonization of Nancy Pelosi end? 

Published by Kate McCarthy on 11/01/2010

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