People are Hot and Bothered by Avril Haines’ Past

You are what you…were in your 20s? That’s at least what two authors in The Daily Beast said in an article about the background of the new No. 2 official at the CIA, 43-year-old Avril Haines. Rather than focusing on Haines’ rise to fame as a Georgetown-educated woman who has worked as the White House’s Deputy Council for National Security Affairs since 2010, and the fact that Haines is now the most powerful the woman at the CIA, Ben Jacobs and Avi Zenilman focused on a once-a-month Erotica night that her bookstore used to organize. As they point out, it was a prominent part of Haines’ business—“shelved between self-help and parenting.”

Honestly guys, you couldn’t come up with something juicer so you had to devote 650 words to a few book readings twenty years ago? Would you ever write an article this frivolous about a male appointee? I doubt it. It reminds us of the time when U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and opponent Wendy Long were asked in a debate if they had ever read 50 Shades of Grey. Topics like this have nothing to do with people’s (men and women) ability to effectively do their job. Avril Haines’s bookstore erotica readings twenty years ago have nothing to do with her new appointment and her ability to fulfill those new job expectations.

Regardless of how much time the authors spent (read: wasted) writing this article, I think they missed why this appointment is so important: Avril Haines just became the highest ranking woman in the CIA’s history. In the future, I hope media outlets will judge a woman on her relevant credentials and ability to fulfill her job expectations.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 06/14/2013

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