Rush Limbaugh Responds to NICI, Calls us “NAGs” and “Feminazis”

On his November 5 radio show, Rush Limbaugh refuted our accusations of sexism – by calling us “NAGs” and “feminazis.”

Limbaugh denies that he labeled Pelosi a witch, despite shouting “bye bye Pelosi” as he played “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead” in the background.  “When we played the song on Wednesday we did not even identify about whom we were playing it,” he said Friday. “We didn't mention a name here.  We just played Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead following Wipeout and the feminazis have all assumed I was talking about Pelosi.”

We’d be more inclined to believe him if his response weren’t as misogynistic as his original offense.  In addition to calling us “feminazis,” he mocks the AP’s report that the percentage of women in Congress might decrease this year: “This is presented as a problem.  Somebody tell me what the problem is.  The voters have spoken.”

Yes, it is a problem, and it’s a problem compounded by Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. As research by Lake Research Partners has shown, sexist media coverage hurts women candidates’ ability to win elections.   This does not just apply to the candidate attacked; to demean one woman candidate is to demean them all.

We have repeatedly responded to sexist statements against and by people of all political leanings. That includes calling out Chris Matthews, as Limbaugh misogynistically claims that we didn’t: “You know, where were the feminists, by the way, attacking Chris Matthews? He was mocking Michele Bachmann. Or maybe that was considered girl-on-girl action and they decided it wouldn't be worth the trouble.”

If Limbaugh followed our campaign, he’d know that we absolutely defend Republican candidates against such attacks, and, for that matter, that mocking a man as effeminate is yet another damaging form of sexism. 

Published by Kate McCarthy on 11/08/2010

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