Spike.com on the “Cutest Feminists:” REALLY DAMN SEXIST

Last week, Spike.com featured Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in an article entitled “The Top Seven Cutest Feminists.”  While the men’s network highlighted some achievements that she and other the other six featured feminists have accomplished, their focus on appearance over substance undermines the very cause these women advocate.  Equal treatment for women includes the freedom to participate in public life without being widely objectified, so the media narrative focusing on Senator Gillibrand's apprearance undermines the respect she deserves as a national politician. Media's continued focus on Gillibrand's looks over her platform also contributes to a sexist political climate in which even the Senate Majority Leader felt comfortable praising her “hotness” in a professional political speech last week, despite his continued work to acheive equity for women.  We urge Spike.com and other media outlets to sign our Media Equality Pledge, ensuring that Senator Gillibrand and all other women candidates are evaluated based on their platforms, goals, and acheivements - Not their looks.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 09/28/2010

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