The Daily Beast: Only Women Talk About Their Grandchildren

In an October 24 piece for The Daily Beast, Samuel P. Jacobs wrote, “The collision of politics, gender, and sexuality can be a nasty one for female candidates.” Very true. So why does he contribute to the sexism?

Visiting a toy store in Salem, Mass., earlier this month, [Elizabeth] Warren played up her femininity, gushing about her 11-month-old grandson, Atticus. “The hardest part of being around this kid,” she said, “is that he has the most delicious-looking toes.”


What is Jacobs’ definition of “femininity?” Is it the act of having grandchildren and praising them? If a male candidate waxed poetic about his children or grandchildren, there would be no media reference to his “masculinity.” When was the last time masculinity was even remotely tied to fatherhood in the media? The association of femininity with motherhood and grandmotherhood is downright sexist.

Published by support on 10/26/2011

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