Vote For Colbert Busch Because Her Brother Is Famous!

Aside from running for a seat in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a heavy hitter in the South Carolina business community. Just a few of her titles include  Director of Business Development at Clemson University’s Restoration Institute, Director of Sales and Marketing Clemson’s Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility, and founder of the Executive Board of Directors of Charleston Women in International Trade.

But you wouldn’t know about her many leadership roles by reading this article from The State:

“Busch is the sister of Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert and a Charleston business woman. Skelly is a businessman.”

That’s right. He’s a businessman. She is, as the author points out, the sister of Stephen Colbert first, and a “business woman” second. Two words, not one. You wouldn’t want to mix women with business would you, The State?

And why mention that Colbert Busch is Stephen Colbert’s sister before anything else—as if that’s her greatest accomplishment? Unfortunately, it appears that to this author, being Stephen Colbert’s sister is Colbert Busch’s most impressive trait.

We’ve seen some terribly blatant sexism before, but tiny sexist jabs take a toll on women in politics, too. Readers of this article may have been convinced that there wasn’t much more to Elizabeth Colbert Busch than her famous brother. Clearly, this isn’t the case!


Published by Kate McCarthy on 02/11/2013

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