While Decrying Sexism, Try Not to Add More

Proof that some guys just don’t exactly understand what sexism is, along comes progressive pundit Cliff Schecter.

In an article titled “Michele Bachmann: The XX Factor. Is sexism to blame for the Minnesotan Congresswoman’s decline in popularity?” Schecter actually writes an okay piece that asks why Bachmann’s campaign wasn’t embraced the way Rick Perry’s or Rick Santorum’s was.

He concludes:

“…but no “conspiracy theories” are even necessary for me to conclude that sexism still plays an active role in our politics - particularly on the extreme right of the GOP.“

The Name It. Change It. project doesn’t disagree, but sexism isn’t confined only to conservatives.

Because Schecter opens his article by calling Bachmann “sharp-tongued, googly-eyed” and there’s clearly nothing sexist about that!

Maybe next time Schecter you won’t call a woman ugly and mouthy while defending, or attacking her?


Published by Kate McCarthy on 01/06/2012

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