Why, Barbara? Why?

When Barbara Walters sat down for an interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after picking her as one of the “10 Most Interesting People of 2012,” audiences across the country might have expected an insightful dialogue between two of the most influential women in the country.

And as the segment began to unfold, that’s exactly what we got: a discussion of Clinton’s unprecedented accomplishments, her current endeavors, and her plans for the future.

But the interview quickly took a turn into sexist territory when Walters, for some inexplicable reason, added a completely irrelevant quip about Clinton’s hair.

“So, I have to ask you this very personal question. Your hair…People said to me, ‘You’re interviewing the Secretary of State? Ask her about her hair!’”

Why, Barbara? Why? It was all going so well; we learned that Clinton has traveled to over 100 countries and flown nearly a million miles. Can someone please explain journalists’ incessant need to question history’s most traveled Secretary of State about her hair?

Saturday Night Live sums up Name It. Change It.’s reaction here.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 12/17/2012

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