Human Events on “Babes of the DNC Calendar”: SEVERE MISOGYNY

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/01/2010

It's no coincidence that this incredibly misogynistic "ad" for the "Babes of the DNC" calendar from the conservative Human Events site is running just weeks away from the Midterm Elections. However, what this highly offensive parody misses, is that these types of insults to women also hurt Republican women, whom the author explains "are despised JUST because they are HOT. And let’s face it: liberal women tend to be a bunch of hideous chuds." Name It. Change It. is demanding an apology and that the parody be pulled down immediately. Read more »

WRKO-AM Boston on Karyn E. Polito’s “Tight Little Butt”: REALLY DAMN SEXIST

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/28/2010

REALLY DAMN SEXIST: While covering the Massachusetts race for state treasurer, WRKO-AM radio producer Bill Cooksey recently endorsed Republican candidate Karyn E. Polito for her “tight little butt.” The outrageous on-air remarks came in response to a caller who inquired, “Is she hot?” Cooksey said: “I think she’s hot. She’s tiny, she’s short. She’s got a banging little body on her. Facial wise, I give her about a seven. Body wise, I give her about an eight-and-a-half. Tight little butt. I endorse Karyn Polito.” Read more »

Sexist Ad Calls Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski “Princess’” & “Crybaby”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/28/2010

The Huffington Post reported on yet another sexist attack on a woman candidate yesterday, this time targeting Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican candidate from Alaska who is running as a write-in candidate despite her primary election loss to Joe Miller (who compared Murkowski to a prostitute on a Tweet before the primaries). This time, the media is responsible for calling out the sexist ads put forth by conservative PAC "Let Freedom Ring" which mocks Murkowski by portraying her as a whiny child, crybaby, and princess. These types of ads that rely on sexist portrayals of women to undermine their viability as leaders shows just how hostile the political landscape is for women candidates in this midterm elections. We urge outlets to continue drawing attention to such harmful ads that insult all women.  Read more » on the “Cutest Feminists:” REALLY DAMN SEXIST

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/28/2010

Last week, featured Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in an article entitled “The Top Seven Cutest Feminists.” While the men’s network highlighted some achievements that she and other the other six featured feminists have accomplished, their focus on appearance over substance undermines the very cause these women advocate. Equal treatment for women includes the freedom to participate in public life without being widely objectified, so the media narrative focusing on Senator Gillibrand's apprearance undermines the respect she deserves as a national politician. Media's continued focus on Gillibrand's looks over her platform also contributes to a sexist political climate in which even the Senate Majority Leader felt comfortable praising her “hotness” in a professional political speech last week, despite his continued work to acheive equity for women. We urge and other media outlets to sign our Media Equality Pledge, ensuring that Senator Gillibrand and all other women candidates are evaluated based on their platforms, goals, and acheivements - Not their looks. Read more »

Missed the Name It. Change It. Press Conference on September 23rd? Watch the video here!

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/27/2010

Missed the Name It. Change It. press conference on September 23rd? Watch the video of the press conference here, and find out about Celinda Lake's new research on how sexist media coverage affects women candidates.  Read more »

Study: Campaign sexism hits its mark

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/27/2010

Crossposted from POLITICO By Kasie Hunt For male candidates facing female opponents, sexism sells - unless women candidates are willing to fight back. Those are the results of new research out Thursday showing that using sexist language in an attack on a female political candidate makes her support plummet, and makes voters label her as less trustworthy and less effective. The study, sponsored by Women's Media Center, the WCF Foundation and Political Parity, was conducted by Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. Read more »

Name It. Change It. Graces Cover of USA Today

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/27/2010

On September 23rd, the Name It. Change It. campaign unveiled original research on how sexist media coverage harms women candidates. This groundbreaking research, performed by Lake Research Partners, reveals that even mild sexism has a tremendous effect on women candidates and their campaigns. It also shows, however, that a direct response to sexism is truly effective in erasing this damage. Find out more from Susan Page's USA Today cover story on Name It. Change It. Read more »

Watch today’s press conference, streaming here live at 3:30p Eastern

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/23/2010

Watch today's press conference streaming here live at 3:30p Eastern Time from Washington, D.C. as the Name It. Change It. campaign unveils groundbreaking research from Lake Research Partners measuring how sexist media coverage affects voter confidence and the campagins of women candidates! We'll be live-tweeting the conference as well, so follow @NameItChangeIt on Twitter to join the conversation.  Read more »

Huffington Post on Hillary Clinton: JUST PLAIN SEXIST

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/21/2010

The Huffington Post yesterday published a slideshow and reader poll entitled, “Hillary Clinton Wears A Hair Clip To The UN: ‘Do Or Don’t?” This type of sexist media coverage is just what Name It. Change It. is working to prevent when it comes to the representation of female candidates. Read more »

Name It. Change It. on FOX News America Live with Megyn Kelly

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/16/2010

Name It. Change It. will defend all women candidates against sexism in the media - no matter their views or political party. VIDEO: Siobhan "Sam" Bennett, WCF Foundation President/CEO, discusses the campaign with Megyn Kelly on FOX News America Live. Read more »

This just in: The measure of a female candidate isn’t in her measurements

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/16/2010

WCF President/CEO Siobhan "Sam" Bennett explains how her experience as a political candidate led her to speak out against sexism in the media: "I never understood the toxic level of sexism in our society until I experienced it firsthand. And then I realized something else: Politics remains one of the most rampant breeding grounds for misogyny...I will not rest until no woman has to endure what I did when I ran for U.S. Congress."  Read more »

Vanity Fair on Sarah Palin: JUST PLAIN SEXIST

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/03/2010

JUST PLAIN SEXIST: Though “Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury” claims to be a serious profile of a prominent woman in politics, the article is accompanied by a cartoon of Palin in Viking costume, complete with braids and metal bra. It further focuses on Palin’s temperament and role as mother, rather than her political platform Read more »

Disclaimer: In Your Face Video

Posted by support on 08/31/2010

The content of the “In Your Face” video and the views expressed in it are solely the creative property of Women’s Campaign Forum Foundation and Women’s Media Center, and in no way represents the views of our funders, partners, or affiliates.  Read more »

Statement on Equality by Gloria Steinem, WMC Founder and Board Member

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/31/2010

The most workable definition of equality for journalists is reversibility. Don’t mention her young children unless you would also mention his, or describe her clothes unless you would describe his, or say she’s shrill or attractive unless the same adjectives would be applied to a man. Don’t say she’s had facial surgery unless you say he dyes his hair or has hair plugs. Don’t say she’s just out of graduate school but he’s a rising star. Don’t say she has no professional training but he worked his way up. Don’t ask her if she’s running as a women’s candidate unless you ask him if he’s running as a men’s candidate; ask both about the gender gap, the women’s vote. By extension, don’t say someone is a Muslim unless you also identify Christians and Jews, or identify only some people by race, ethnicity or sexuality and not others. However, this does NOT mean being even-handedly positive or negative when only one person or side has done something positive or negative. Equality allows accuracy. Read more »

Should Women Candidates Avoid Discussions on Gender?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/30/2010

Aaron Guerrero from The Daily Caller believes that Republican women candidates may not ultimately have the banner electoral year they had hoped for. Citing the recent primary losses of Karen Handel in Georgia and Jane Norton in Colorado, Guerrero theorizes that some GOP women’s “heavy emphasis on gender” may thwart their endeavors to reach public office. Read more »

Just Plain Sexist-Name It Together Now: “Attractive” is Not a Compliment

Posted by support on 08/02/2008

Not excited for next week’s launch of our Name It. Change It. campaign to expose sexism against women candidates? Bruce Blakeman, candidate in New York’s Republican Senate primary, is here to boost your enthusiasm: “I think Kirsten Gillibrand is an attractive woman, I think she’s bright, and I think she’s probably a good mom herself,” Blakeman announced Tuesday at a debate with rivals Joe DioGuardi and David Malpass.  Read more »

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