Hillary’s Hair: For Once The Media Doesn’t Freak Out

It seems like every time Hillary Clinton styles her hair we have something to write about. Literally every single time, it is honestly absurd. However, in a surprising plot twist, Clinton debuted her new haircut at Monday’s Council of Fashion Designers of America awards and the media responded appropriately. With the exception of the Chicago Sun-Times, who attempted to say that Clinton’s hair is related to her politics (seriously, what is it with Chicago media today), all of the major media outlets covered the event without blowing it out of proportion.

Of course the Internet was littered with pictures of the new style, but, to the credit of journalists everywhere, truly sexist coverage was remarkably scarce. We were happy to see stories about her pantsuit jokes, endorsement by Oscar de la Renta, and yes, even a description of what she was wearing to the fashion event – all without going too overboard about fashion and politics.

Perhaps the increased dialogue about the negative effects of focus on women candidates’ appearance is responsible for this lack of sexist coverage. Maybe the media has finally realized that there are far more important and interesting things to write about Hillary Clinton. Whatever it is, we would like to see more of it. Kudos to the media for their unbiased coverage. That said; please don’t make us redact our praise. We will be paying attention.


Published by Allison Adams on 06/05/2013

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